Should I Get My Child a Tablet for ChristmasTo give or not to give? If you are considering a tablet for one of your children this year, there are some things to understand before it makes its’ way under the tree. Here are some of the reasons for and against giving a tablet to a child for Christmas.

Why You Should Give a Tablet to a Child for Christmas

Giving a tablet means you are giving a gift capable of education, entertainment and more. A tablet is a small computer and provides children with the ability to play games, learn, research, do school work and more. Some of the top reasons to give a tablet to a child include:

  • Ability to teach responsibility
  • Provides an educational tool
  • Can be easily monitored
  • Will make them light up when they open it

If your child has asked for tablet, don’t just dismiss the idea. Consider the good that can come of giving this gift for Christmas.

Why You Shouldn’t Give a Tablet to a Child for Christmas

Of course, this isn’t a black and white decision. Giving a tablet is expensive and there are several reasons why you might not want to get a tablet for you child for Christmas. Some of the top reasons include:

  • Encourages more screen time
  • Potential of private screen time
  • Can be difficult to limit access

There may be plenty of good reasons running through your head when it comes to giving a child a tablet as a gift. However, each good reason can also be a learning opportunity.

Giving a tablet doesn’t mean you have to encourage more screen time. You can limit the screen time by having a weekends only tech rule, except for school work and things such as typing practice games or math games.

It’s also easy to eliminate the issue of private screen time. You can make the tablet password protected and make your child comes to you for the password. This makes it easy to limit access and keep the private screen time to a minimum.

Tablets have many benefits for children and they provide another tool to help parents teach responsibility with technology. Give a tablet for Christmas this year and you might be surprised at the doors it opens.