There are many benefits to shopping online, including the low prices most people already are aware exist with many sources. And there are many great online retailers and resellers that offer excellent and honest service. But like any good thing, there are some downsides that can be avoided with due diligence. Using established retailers and online resellers, like and eBay, can result in honest dealings nearly every time. But particular care should be taken when dealing with sellers on Craigslist and other sites in which transactions are done in person and especially if an individual tries to obtain credit card information from a buyer.

Surfing Online Reviews and Ratings

The ability to compare prices, conduct product research and determine the best retailers and other sources of goods or services Shop onlinemake online shopping a fun and rewarding experience. Comparing various products, such as laptop computers, can help to find the ones that are the most popular and reliable while also serving many critical functions for their owners. Consumers can access websites for organizations like J.D. Power and Associates to determine which brands, products and services are most likely to result in a positive buyer experience. And they can find reviews on the specific products they are considering to ensure they fulfill their needs and to learn of any particular advantages or disadvantages one product has compared to others.

Some Downsides to Online Shopping

Online criminal activity can be rampant, but it is relatively simple to avoid scam artists and thieves, although it might be more difficult to avoid buying counterfeit or stolen goods. In general, using trusted sites, preferably ones offering seller and buyer ratings like eBay and, helps to reduce the likelihood of encountering criminal activity. And using credit cards and debit cards that provide consumer protections against fraud and theft will help to give online shoppers another level of protection against online con artists and thieves.

How often do you use the Internet to purchase items and is your online shopping becoming more frequent?