Windows 8

If you have purchased a computer lately, you have undoubtedly used Windows 8.  While the operating system has had many mixed reviews, overall it has some exciting new advances.  It can synchronize settings across all your devices; the File History tool is perfect for simple backups; there are a host of useful new tools in the Windows Store; it’s fast, includes some excellent repair options, and the list goes on.  This newsletter will include many tips and tricks that can help you take full advantage of your computer.

Today’s tip will focus on backup.  90% of what goes wrong on your computer is software related.  Either you get a virus, install a program that doesn’t work well with your machine, or a file somehow gets corrupt or deleted.  In any case, if you back up your computer, you won’t have any worries.  Windows 8 can do this for you.  File history is the program that Windows 8 uses.  It requires you to have an external hard drive, as you cannot back up your drive to the local hard drive

You can open the File History control panel by pressing the Windows key, typing File History at the Start screen, selecting the Settings category, and clicking the File History shortcut that appears.

Connect an external hard drive to your computer and click the Turn On button to enable File History. You can also click the Select drive option in the sidebar to select the exact drive Windows should copy previous versions of files to. Using theSelect drive screen, you can optionally set up File History using a network share instead of a hard drive connected directly to your computer.

After you turn it on, you’ll see an indication that it’s saving copies of your files

It’s that simple – Windows will now automatically save copies of your files every hour. If you disconnect your removable hard drive or the network share becomes inaccessible for a period of time, Windows will create a local cache of files to save on the drive when you next connect it.

If you don’t have a windows 8 laptop or desktop, don’t worry.  We will have plenty of helpful tips for your macbook, ipad, or tablet computer.

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