Dollarphotoclub_73804467-1With so many new devices coming out from laptop computers to tablets to smartphones, you may be wondering if a desktop computer even makes sense anymore. Not only are these types of computers relevant, but they have many uses you just cannot get from other devices. Here are some of the ways you can use a desktop PC.

Monitor the Kids Computer Activities

Technology is great, but it can be very dangerous for children. It’s not enough to block harmful websites and put restrictions on computer use. Portable devices can easily be hidden or used in privacy, which can be dangerous for children of all ages.

Many parents turn to a desktop computer instead of other devices because it’s not portable. The desktop can be put in a high traffic area of the home where computer use can be monitors and remain safe for children.

Working from Home

Maybe you work from home and while you find a laptop to be great for getting away, enjoying a coffee shop or just working in another room, a desktop may be also be necessary. The desktop PC allows you to create an office environment without the ability to easily move outside your home office. It will also give you the ability to use your laptop or tablet as a backup, if you have computer issues.


While some laptops may work great for gaming, the desktop PC is still preferred, especially for beginners. They are less expensive and provide many options you may not get with a laptop. You can create a desktop with more USB ports and many options you just cannot get with a laptop.

Even though laptops, tablets and smartphones are becoming the preferred choices, the desktop computer has plenty of uses. Ultimately, it comes down to what you need and what you can get out of the device.