apple watch preorderAround here, we’re pretty big fans of Apple products. And while we love the MacBook, iPad and iPhones, we’re super curious about the watch – like most of you. And while preordering for the watch begins on April 10, that also happens to be the day that the watches actually go on display in Apple Stores. Here’s the thing: if you wait to preorder after trying the watch on in stores, you likely won’t get your watch on release date (which, to early adopters is a huge deal!). So how do you go about preordering? Here’s your guide:

Determine which Apple Watch model to preorder

Most of us won’t be ordering the $10,000 all-gold special edition Apple watch. So if you’re like the rest of us peasants, you’ll want to determine which watch model you’re after. The sport version starts at $349, while other styles vary from $549 on up (and up… to $10,000 to be exact). Peruse the Apple store online to determine which style and band strikes your fancy (and fits your budget) best. The nice thing about the watch is that, although the materials vary, all functionality is the same between models. Good news for those of us going for the bottom-rung sports version.

Pick your size

Most people will have a good idea of what face size to order. Women, unless they happen to have larger writs or really love an oversized watch, will likely order a 38 mm face, along with smaller-boned men or men who want a more subtle look. If you’re bold or large, go for the 42 mm. If you really can’t decide, it’s pretty easy to cut a “face” out of paper using Apple’s measurements and see how it looks on your wrist.

Choose your strap size

This one might be tough for some folks, but not for those opting for the Apple sport – there are only two sizes of straps, and you’ll get them both with your watch. For other models, we recommend measuring your wrist and adding ½ inch for a snug fit, ¾ inch for a regular fit and 1 inch for a loose fit.

What are you choosing? Will you be preordering the Apple Watch?