tabletWhether you are taking a family vacation to somewhere with a beach or another type of destination, understanding how to use your tablet and smartphone is important. Of course, the first step is to remember to pack your device. Here are a few more tips to ensure you use these devices properly, while on vacation!

Get Protection

If you plan to use your tablet or smartphone near water or sand, you need the right protection. Sure, you have a case already, but is it waterproof? If not, you should either get a waterproof case or use a plastic zip-loc bag to protect your phone or tablet.

Don’t Be Glued to the Device

There’s nothing wrong with reading a book by the pool on your Kindle or snapping some pictures with your iPhone. However, when your vacation turns into more time with devices than with the family, it becomes a problem.

One of the best things you can do on vacation is leaving the phones and tablets in the lock box at the hotel. Maybe keep just one phone for emergencies on you, but have everybody else leave them behind and go enjoy an activity together. Make sure to take a camera with you (not the one on your phone) to capture a few memories.

Limit Gaming Time on the Tablet

Taking a tablet with you is a great way to keep the kids busy when they get a little bored or there is down time. A rainy day can be forgotten with some time gaming on a tablet or watching a movie. However, when it’s time to hit the beach or go do something fun together, keep the gaming time limited. Don’t fall for the tricks kids will use to talk you into more time gaming.

Navigate Safely, While Driving

Whoever is sitting in the passenger seat should be your navigator. However, you need to do more than just appoint a navigator to keep you on track and safe. A smartphone holder capable of clipping into the air vent is the perfect solution. Not only will this ensure your phone stays cool, but it will also put it where you can see it without taking your eyes off the road.

These are just a few tips for using your tablets and smartphones on the family trip this year. Remember, vacation isn’t about playing on social media in a different location. Make sure the family enjoys plenty of time together without the electronics getting in the way!